Sara Minkara LLC is a global firm that promotes


through innovative, strategic solutions for clients everywhere, from business consultancy and advisory services to customized long-term client engagements.


At SMLLC, we believe everyone has value. And our approach is built around that belief: when everyone is valued, everyone benefits. Empowering ourselves and each other to live and work authentically nurtures the unique talents and contributions we each have to offer. On this foundation, Sara Minkara developed a fresh approach to inclusion and leadership that integrates individual empowerment with institutional and social change. It lies at the heart of everything we do. We call it Authentic Leadership™. And the ultimate introduction to Authentic Leadership™ is Sara’s In the Dark Methodology™, a unique progression through concepts of adaptive leadership, inclusion, and personal empowerment designed to foster large-scale change through individual action. Always practical and solution-oriented, SMLLC’s programs highlight the tangible benefits of promoting Authentic Leadership™ – enhanced productivity, innovation, group cohesion and personal satisfaction – through the In the Dark Methodology™.



With a range of services that are infinitely customizable yet uniquely appropriate in any setting or sector, Sara Minkara LLC’s programs focus on core principles that are universally applicable. Sara and her team have worked on 5 continents, with thousands of people in all walks of life. The universality of the SMLLC approach is our greatest strength, and it is our mission to share it widely. To date, we have worked with individuals, NGOs and private enterprise across industries including media, fashion and tech, as well as clients in academia, international development and government service.


Our mission is to share our unique approach to leadership and inclusion with as many people as possible, and to create positive, lasting change one person, one organization and one institution at a time. At SMLLC, we believe that each of us has the power to change, and each of us has the power to make change. And we at SMLLC have the tools to facilitate that change. Our mission is to share those tools widely, bringing the principles of Authentic Leadership™ to as many people as possible through our In The Dark Methodology™.


Over 30 years of combined personal and professional experience are distilled into every one of SMLLC’s original Authentic Leadership™ programs. Sara’s singular In the Dark series, the cornerstone of her In The Dark Methodology™ is SMLLC’s most popular offering. Growing out of her Sara’s own experiences and intersectional identity as a Blind, Muslim, first-generation Lebanese-American woman, the In The Dark Methodology™ provides an immersive introduction to Authentic Leadership™ and inclusive design principles. In all of our programs, Sara and the team advance a philosophy of lasting change through individual action and inclusive practice that celebrates our distinctive, dynamic identities.

Sara Minkara is the Founder and CEO of Sara Minkara LLC. An internationally recognized champion for disability inclusion, individual empowerment and social enterprise, Sara has been honored for her contributions by Forbes, MIT, Harvard, Ashoka, and the Clinton Global Initiative, among others. As an undergraduate, Sara founded a global nonprofit, ETI, to provide critical life skills training to children with disabilities. She is a renowned speaker on the international circuit, featured in the U.S. State Department speaker’s program and in public and private engagements at the U.N., AirBnb, the Boston Mayor’s Office, NOAA and many more. A committed public servant, Sara served as Co-Chair of the Biden-Harris International Disability Policy Subcommittee and as a member of the UN Interagency Standing Committee on Disability. Sara is a graduate of Wellesley College and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.