A renowned public speaker, Sara, with her unique perspective, highly personal story, and remarkably warm presentation style has engaged audiences around the world, from the United Nations to TEDx. Comfortable, accessible, and captivating, she expands on her own empowering experiences as a Blind, Muslim Lebanese-American woman and explores topics like how to access the authentic self, framing empowering personal narratives with inclusive leadership and entrepreneurship practices.  Sara speaks to groups in private enterprise, academia and government to provide keynote addresses, interactive lectures, workshops, and more. 

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Authentic Inclusion and Representation Globally

Inclusion is a topic that touches all people and communities, not just people with disabilities. Sara’s speeches and workshops touch on topics such as bias, identity, personal experience and connection between all people that overcomes barriers of race, gender, culture, ability, age and more.

Takeaways: Inspiration, Building Inclusive Communities, Engaging Diverse Stakeholders


Disability Inclusion

Sara is a passionate advocate of bringing authentic inclusion and disability lens to all spaces (not just disability-focused spaces!) and advancing a value-based perspective to the discussion. This means not discussing the inclusion of people as something we ‘should’ do or ‘need’ to do –but rather, something that we, as society ‘want’ to do, because when we do not include other voices in all aspects of society, we lose out on their value.
Takeaways: Inspiration, Best Practices Around Diversity and Inclusion, Addressing Inclusion Challenges, Building Inclusive Communities



Sara speaks about over 10 years of on the ground experience designing and implementing life skills and empowerment programs for disadvantaged groups including youth with disabilities in Lebanon through summer camps bringing together youth with and without disabilities, refugee children and engaging women, families and communities in the process. She is also an advocate for women inclusion and women empowerment.
Takeaways: Youth Empowerment Program Insight, Women Empowerment, International Development Best Practices, Life skills Program Design


Social Entrepreneurship

A serial social entrepreneur herself, Sara brings her perspective and experience after running her international NGO in the USA and the MENA region and her new venture that offers authentic inclusion solutions. Challenges, strategy, fundraising, sustainability of organizations, mission and social impact, these are all aspects she will cover. 
Takeaways: Social Entrepreneurship, Social Impact, Fundraising, Sustainability, International Development Best Practices

Past Engagements
  • Global Entrepreneurship Week: Fort Worth 
  •  Harvard Poverty and Inequality Panel (2020) 
  • Islamic Circle of North America 
  • Indiana Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities Biennial Conference on Disability 
  •  Kuwait America Foundation “Do the Write Thing” Challenge 
  •  Lazard National Disability Employment Awareness Month 
  •  “Leading on Inclusive Business” panel hosted by UN Women, GEENIE, and City of Boston Women’s Advancement (2019) 
  • Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office 
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) 3rd Annual Diversity and Inclusion Summit (2019) 
  •  NEXUS USA Summit (2020) 
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Silver Spring, MD 
  •  Southern Illinois University 
  •  U.S. Institute of Peace, Washington, DC 
  •  U.S. State Department Tour (2019) 
  •  United Nations “This is Our Workplace” International Day of Persons with Disabilities Event 
  • United Nations Conference of State Parties on the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, United Nations, Vienna, Austria 
  • US State Department Tour of Rwanda on “Economic Empowerment and Employment for People with Disabilities 
  • Zero Conference (2019)
Seeing with Sara


In this virtual series hosted by Empowerment Through Integration (ETI), Sara reflects on topics related to people with disabilities, including her own experiences as an empowered woman with disability and as the founder of ETI. Sara continues to work closely with ETI as its founder and a member of its Board of Directors, and this series highlights how her advocacy and activism have grown the organization and promoted inclusion worldwide
Sara Minkara speaking to crowd and sitting on couch with 3 other women

Sara Minkara earns 5 stars plus for her excellent speaking abilities. 

She is a rare personality who owns a room – has “presence” — when she enters it.  Her graceful style, engaging body language, melodious voice and smooth intonation, all are qualities that combine to make her a gifted and talented speaker.
In sum, Sara is amazing!

-Jane C. Edmonds 

Vice President, Programming and Community Outreach
Babson College 

Sara’s personal story along with her global understanding of barriers both physical and attitudinal was an invitation to move beyond the social biases steeped in loss and limitation and into a world of diverse attributes and distinct contributions. As the Mass Cultural Council stewards access as a cultural competency, Sara’s keynote was a point of activation that percolated throughout all who were in attendance.

-Charles Baldwin

Mass Cultural Council

Why We Should Be Blind to the Labels of Society

2019 Guest Speaker Sara Minkara

Sara Minkara Presents at the World Government Summit 2017

Confident Muslim | Sara Minkara, Omar Suleiman

Sara Minkara’s message to youth with disabilities

Sara Minkara speaking for TedX at Tysons
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