Vision & Values


  • To share our unique approach to Authentic Leadership™ and inclusion with as many people as possible.  
  • Work to create positive, lasting change globally – one person, one organization and one institution at a time.   
  • Support individuals as agents of change.  
  • Develop and share tools to empower individuals to facilitate change, and our mission is to share those tools widely through our In The Dark Methodology.™


SMLLC is unique for the content, breadth and perspective we take. We believe:  

  • When we are empowered to embrace our authentic selves, we can reach our true potential 
  • Every person has value  
  • Inclusion for all is a value for all  
  • A culture of inclusion promotes growth and innovation  
  • Elevating others costs us nothing, but can yield extraordinary benefits
  • Every person has the power to change, and each of us has the power to make change
  • Approaching people and situations with compassion and curiosity promotes honest exchange and deeper human connections
  • This is an ongoing journey; we must be aware of, acknowledge, and actively dismantle barriers to authenticity, inclusion, and progress