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Executives need a strong sense of self—and only by embracing your full, true self can you reach your full potential as a leader. But how do you translate that purpose and passion into authentic leadership that empowers your team, too?

Working across all sectors, Sara Minkara guides CEOs, diplomats, politicians, managers, educators, and activists to tap into their authentic selves and bring others on the journey with them. Whether engaging for one session or an ongoing relationship, clients gain invaluable new skills and awareness to improve their emotional intelligence and effectiveness as leaders. Sara synthesizes several executive frameworks with her deep experience as a facilitator and leader—including her unique In The Dark methodology—to curate transformational experiences for each client. She places radical self-awareness at the center of the leadership journey, guiding clients to build off their natural strengths, foster more meaningful relationships in and out of the office, and leverage this new understanding strategically.

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Most people have decided that there is a trade-off between well-being and usefulness. Sara takes it as given that you should do good, meaningful work and…takes into account your personal wellbeing, as well as the ways in which you are personally equipped to do good in the world. I am always amazed by how well-informed she is about various industries and fields—from academia, to policymaking, to hard science industries, and advocacy and more.

-Marsin Alshamary

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Brookings Institution

The coaching experience implemented by Sara Minkara is a full-energy, interactive and empathy-based approach that promotes a lively interpersonal performance between coach and mentee. Sara manages to both inspire and guide her mentees to embrace the most human part of themselves without denying their true authentic selves. A one-of-a-kind experience, Sara’s coaching leaves a permanent imprint among those who are willing to transcend the limitations of our mainstream social programming and who are motivated to learn how to meet their own needs as leaders, innovators and game-changers in their own groups and institutions. Sara’s coaching is based on a powerful and highly supportive atmosphere based on active listening and the ability to embrace people’s potentials. With these ingredients, Sara’s coaching abilities create a unique recipe that manages to both empower and capacitate mentees to develop themselves as authentic leaders.

-Anna Barbosa

Executive Director of Empowerment Through Integration (ETI)

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