Leadership Coaching

"We each hold so much power and promise. And our own value, as individuals, holds value beyond just our own personal spheres. What we do as individuals and who we are impacts others. So whatever work you put in on an individual level – and what you put out as a leader – the benefits are collective. The impact is exponential. In choosing to embrace and express our authentic selves, we are choosing to conduct ourselves in a certain way. In treating ourselves and others with compassionate curiosity, we create an atmosphere of respect and empowerment. Where people are empowered, they thrive. And where people thrive, communities thrive. Everyone thrives."

- Sara Minkara, Founder of Sara Minkara LLC and

Creator of the In the Dark Methodology™

What is Coaching with SMLLC?

Coaching is a long-term, one-to-one engagement designed to address the specific personal and professional goals of emerging leaders through the unique tools of Sara’s In the Dark Methodology™. Coaching arrangements are appropriate for present and future leaders, including students, professionals at any level of their careers, public personalities and anyone else seeking to further develop their personal and Authentic Leadership™ skills.  

Working across all sectors, SMLLC guides clients to tap into their authentic selves and bring others along on their journey. All coaching arrangements explore Authentic Leadership™ concepts and utilize aspects of the In the Dark Methodology™ to offer a fully individualized approach that flexibly accommodates each client’s goals and preferences.

Sara and her team curate transformational experiences for each client that place radical self-awareness at the center of the leadership journey, guiding clients to build off their natural strengths, foster more meaningful relationships in and out of the office, and leverage this new understanding strategically. A variety of support structures and customized coaching packages are available, with multiple modalities and real-time modification available to effectively support development toward personal goals.   

Impact of SMLLC’s Coaching engagements

Sara and her team focus on broad impact achieved one person at a time. SMLLC’s coaching is the purest example of this philosophy in action. Through intensive, one-to-one services, new leaders adopt the precepts of Authentic Leadership™ through the In the Dark Methodology™ and other specialized programming. We work with CEOs, diplomats, students, politicians, managers, educators, and activists to develop existing talents and new skills.  

The ultimate outcome of each coaching relationship is focused on improved facility with adaptive and inclusive leadership concepts and tools, as well as self-empowerment and capacity-building. Clients broaden their impact, sharing the approach in their day-to-day interactions, from the casual to the familial to the professional. And in this way, a broader impact is generated through a culture of mutual empowerment and respect.   

Ready to take the next step toward your leadership goals? Contact SMLLC today to explore how we can help you achieve them.