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"People need people, but barriers to meaningful human connection are everywhere. Do you feel truly seen and heard by others? Do you really know the people you see everyday on more than a superficial level? How much do we accept and share of ourselves, of each other? Discovery in the Dark is about exactly that, about how we can see and be seen, hear one another more completely and ourselves be heard. Because embracing our authentic selves and being valued for who we are is the foundation of more meaningful human connection, more effective and inclusive leadership and policies, and a more just and equitable world."

- Sara Minkara, Founder of Sara Minkara LLC and

Creator of the In the Dark Methodology™

What is Discovery in the Dark ?

Discovery in the Dark is a series of practical, solution-oriented workshops geared to developing a culture of authenticity in any organization or environment. These workshops utilize improved team- and community-building, as well as enhanced innovation, stronger decision making and more inclusive and effective policy development. 

Grounded in Sara Minkara’s innovative In the Dark Methodology™, Discovery in the Dark promotes concepts of Authentic Leadership™ through engaging, fully customized programs. Every Discovery in the Dark experience is tailored in partnership with SMLLC’s clients to meet their specific needs, from content and delivery to program objectives, and to suit audience size and interpersonal dynamics. Discovery in the Dark can be coordinated over single or serial session either live, virtually, or even over dinner for intimate and large-scale gatherings. 

A variety of presentation formats are available, each sharing an experiential approach to problem-solving and teambuilding. Our Discovery in the Dark offerings are designed to complement and build on each other, providing the tools and structure to meet discrete client challenges through a uniquely effective and compelling approach. Current Discovery in the Dark offerings include:

Inclusion in the Dark

Inclusion in the Dark is a practical approach to building an inclusive culture through team building exercises. Participants explore the social narratives we each contribute to and are impacted by, and an examination of how those dynamics influence our self-perception and understanding of others.

Improv in the Dark

This program was developed to address the concept of resistance and the challenges it provokes, including how it affects our self-concept, acceptance of ourselves and others, and how it impacts authentic expression and connection.

Design Thinking for Innovation in the Dark

This program examines the factors that support or inhibit free exchange of ideas toward generating more effective and innovative solutions. Promoting constructive, respectful practices that honor our individual talents and journeys, this experience develops facility in processes and tools that support inclusive, collective problem solving.

Leadership in the Dark

With a special focus on systemic approaches to change, this program tackles specific client challenges using universal design and adaptive leadership tools to develop holistic, inclusive solutions.

Impact of Discovery in the Dark ?

The concept and available formats of Discovery in the Dark are designed to meet new and shifting circumstances. Of course, every session is fully customized for each client, and each Discovery in the Dark session may utilize vastly different approaches appropriate to a particular group’s challenges and dynamics. However, there is a shared foundation, and every Discovery in the Dark experience incorporates certain themes regardless of format and audience. Further, programs can be repeated with different outcomes and impact due to the inherent differences in how individuals relate to and interact with one another and the program content.

Through Discovery in the Dark, we work with participants to build fluency in Authentic Leadership™ concepts, including:

  • active listening
  • self-reflection
  • individual empowerment
  • enhanced interpersonal engagement 
  • improved communication 
  • authentic expression
  • approaching people and situations with compassion and curiosity
  • acknowledging and dismantling bias and judgment 
  • creating safe spaces to accommodate open and honest exchange 

We provide the tools and processes to accomplish this in session, and to carry forward post-engagement. Every Discovery in the Dark experience also addresses the specific goals and objectives identified by each individual client, and ends with a Summary Report containing tailored action items.

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