Sara Minkara

Sara Minkara is an internationally recognized champion for leadership, individual empowerment, disability, inclusion and social enterprise. Dynamic and innovative, Sara developed a unique, interactive approach to creating meaningful change at all levels and in all spaces.

Sara's Story

The cornerstone of all that Sara does is her experience as a blind Lebanese-American Muslim woman. Sara has an incredible ability to connect deeply with people from all over the world, and she attributes this, at least in part, to her own intersectional background. Sara proudly features her own journey in her work, and encourages others’ to incorporate their personal experiences and identities into their professional lives. She has launched multiple enterprises to promote these ideals, working in the nonprofit and private sectors, and now does so through government service.  

In every role she accepts and every challenge she faces, Sara maintains a highly personal and relatable style that complements her driving vision: that we are all connected, and we all have value. Sara believes strongly that by rejecting assumptions and preconceptions, we create new opportunities for human connection, innovation and social change. She has dedicated her life to promoting inclusion as a value, and guiding individuals and groups on their journeys toward authentic inclusion.  

Sara has a rich academic and professional background. She graduated from Wellesley College with a Bachelor’s degree in Math and Economics, and from the Harvard Kennedy School with a Master’s degree in Public Policy. Sara has been recognized for her contributions to the greater good through various appointments and awards, including Forbes, Ashoka, MIT, Harvard, the Clinton Global Initiative and Halcyon.   

Sara enjoys spending time with her family and traveling. She is an avid reader, hiker and explorer, always looking for the next book to get lost in or volcano to scale. And in all of her journeys, Sara loves connecting with and learning from new people.

Special Advisor, Office of International Disability Rights, U.S. Department of State

Sara is the Special Advisor for the Office of International Disability Rights in the State Department. She works within the State Department, and with its partners abroad, to encourage and assist foreign governments and civil society organizations to increase their commitment and capacity to protect the rights, and ensure the inclusion and full participation of persons with disabilities.

Sara is proud to be serving the U.S. and the Biden-Harris administration as Special Advisor for International Disability Rights at the State Department. During her tenure, Sara will not be facilitating any In the Dark sessions or providing any services directly through SMLLC, rather her capable and highly trained staff will continue operations in her absence.



Sara’s expertise has been channeled into opportunities that support and advance better outcomes for all people. She has served in leadership and advisory roles, including board positions for MABVI (Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired), ETI (Empowerment through Integration), and Global Forum for Freedom and Justice Advisory Council.

Sara is an engaging and accomplished speaker, connecting with thousands of people across 5 continents. She has addressed audiences of all sizes, from intimate gatherings at embassies to large scale platforms like the U.N. in both New York and Vienna. Sara has been featured on the U.S. State Department’s speaker’s circuit, and as a facilitator with Harvard’s Executive Education program.

Sara developed her groundbreaking In the Dark Methodology as a practical approach to authentic leadership, inclusion and change through individual action. Her Methodology is premised on the foundation that every person has value, and that we all benefit when we are all valued. The approach focuses participants on intentionality in interpersonal interactions; we can choose to reject the limitations of assumption and bias, instead empowering one another to reach our true potential by living authentically. Sara created a range of options, including training curricula, experiential workshops, coaching strategies and related tools, available as standalone offerings or as part of a comprehensive program.  

Sara Minkara launched Sara Minkara LLC in 2020, a global firm that promotes authentic leadership through innovative, strategic solutions for clients everywhere, from business consultancy and advisory services to customized long-term client engagements. 

Sara founded Empowerment Through Integration (ETI) to disrupt the narrative surrounding disability by empowering youth with disabilities individually and accelerating authentic inclusion globally.  

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