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Sara Minkara, LLC works to promote Authentic Leadership to drive strategic solutions through value-based inclusion.
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Develop a diverse and inclusive mindset for you and your organization by unlocking the potential within you and within each one of your collaborators. Through an interactive, introspective experience, Sara will help transform leaders and their teams, and will provide practical tools to address systemic biases, realize their authentic self, create an inclusive culture and foster meaningful impact.

A Blind, Muslim, first-generation American, Sara Minkara has spent her life on a journey toward not only acceptance but also real empowerment – for herself and everyone she meets. Building on experiences at Harvard University, the United Nations, multinational companies and not-for-profit organizations, Sara’s unique programs offer individuals and groups alike authentic leadership solutions to recognize each other’s voice and value—and to deconstruct the societal narratives that too often inaccurately define us.

Through virtual or in-person inspired speaking engagements,  her flagship Discovery in the Dark workshops, customized courses and one-on-one coaching sessions, Sara will facilitate a self-transformative journey to create authentic inclusion that will help you achieve your goals as an individual and in your organization.  

Sara has been recognized by the Clinton Global Initiative, Forbes 30 Under 30 and other renowned international organizations for her international advocacy, social entrepreneurship, authentic leadership and work to empower others. 

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There is intrinsic value in each one of us—and when we see ourselves fully, our authentic selves can emerge, and the world around us expands. Everyone loses out when we are hidden behind assumptions and prejudice; it’s time to make the change.
– Sara Minkara

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Sara Minkara brought to UN Headquarters a powerful experience underscoring that inclusion of people with disabilities brings value to all. ‘My blindness has become my strength,’ she said, while challenging all to reassess assumptions as precursor for meaningful inclusion. 

Mourad Wahba

Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, Assistant Administrator of UNDP and Director of the UNDP Regional Bureau for Arab States

We received a great response from the Employee Resource Group members who took part in the workshop. We were able to create relationships that will help us break silos in the future. I recommend [Sara]’s services to all organizations that want to create an inclusive workplace culture.

Boston Mayor’s Office

Sara is an incredibly powerful speaker, who tells a story of resilience and hope.

– Emily Friedman,

Clinton Global Initiative University

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