Advisory & consultancy

"Change is hard. Real change, lasting change requires a temporal and emotional investment. It doesn’t happen fast, and it requires some difficult and even uncomfortable conversations. But when people are comfortable enough to share their ideas, or at least can embrace their discomfort and allow themselves to be vulnerable enough to share authentically, we can come up with much better solutions to our problems. We have the tools and the expertise to guide people to do that hard work and come up with solutions that fit their own organizations. The answers are already within us; it just requires the will and the time to coax them out."

- Sara Minkara, Founder of Sara Minkara LLC and

Creator of the In the Dark Methodology™

What is the SMLLC Consultancy model?

The SMLLC Consultancy model is a long-term engagement that incorporates selected tools and programs within the In the Dark Methodology™ curated to effectively promote Authentic Leadership™ in any space with highly personalized client service. SMLLC’s Consultancy arrangements offer all of the benefits of our groundbreaking programming, combined with the opportunity and support for in depth examination and resolution of individual, interpersonal and institutional challenges uncovered during each client’s progress.

Each Consultancy follows a structured process leading clients from assessment through evaluation and program conclusion under the expert guidance of SMLLC staff. Every step of the engagement is designed with your ultimate organizational goals in mind, and each element is tailored to best meet those goals. Although the content of each ultimate Consultancy will vary by client, every engagement includes:
  1. An initial assessment of organizational challenges
  2. Designing a customized course to address those challenges in a manner and method suited to organizational culture and dynamics
  3. Implementation of program elements, including virtual and/or in-person workshops, coaching sessions, and trainings
  4. Preparation of a conclusive Summary Report highlighting client feedback and action items

Our impact

Like all of our services, every SMLLC Consultancy arrangement is fully customized to suit our clients’ distinct circumstances and meet their objectives. Despite this intentional variation, there are select shared outcomes. Each Consultancy is oriented toward organizational sustainability through an adaptive process that is designed to respond to your changing internal dynamics as well as external factors. The nature of SMLLC’s Consultancy allows the time and depth of discourse necessary for clients to better explore and understand their culture, leadership, or other identified challenges, and craft effective solutions utilizing the Sara’s In the Dark Methodology™

Our Consultancy method frequently yields unexpected benefits through shared perspectives and collective problem solving developed in the course of SMLLC’s unique workshops. Throughout the stages of the engagement, clients have access to the expertise and support of SMLLC’s skillful program staff and resources. In addition to the support received during the course of the Consultancy, every client receives a conclusive summary report highlighting participant feedback generated throughout the engagement and recommendations for consideration going forward to initiate and sustain lasting change.

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