Beauty Beyond the Eye of the Beholder

Beauty Beyond the Eye of the Beholder 

Many times we go through life being molded by how society perceives us and beauty standards tend to be one of those appearance based perceptions. Unfortunately we sometimes get caught in the trap of putting society’s expectations before our own happiness. But what if we do what makes us happy, brings out our authenticity, and showcases who we are? If we start leading life on who WE want to be versus the box society wants to put us in, our true beauty will prevail. This change will shift the way we approach beauty and allow us to know one another on a deeper level.

One of the greatest gifts my blindness grants me is the complete freedom from normative standards of beauty and from making any assumptions based on physical appearance. Without these constraints, I must organically dig deeper to experience the beauty of people around me through different lenses. This is not to say that I never judge others; sometimes, I use my other senses to formulate an image of people in my mind. By acknowledging this inclination, however, I can pause that process and instead focus on who the person is and how they are presenting themselves rather than relying on the assumptions I may be starting to develop. 

My intention is to always meet people with genuine curiosity for who they truly are. This is the source of my concept of beauty. Beauty, to me, is an honest and holistic experience, where I pick up cues from people’s voices, receptiveness to touch, the things they say, the sound of their laughter, sometimes even the change in their tone when the topic gets a bit delicate. This allows me to really know and understand a person much more meaningfully than assumptions and momentary judgment allow. 

Being human is an interesting and ironic experience; it can require great inner strength to bring forward our authentic selves and to develop our true potential. But when we liberate ourselves in this way, our unique talents and purpose also serve the world in a way that only we can. Because I truly believe that we each have something special to contribute. And that is beautiful. Some of the most beautiful people – and the strongest – I have ever met wore their vulnerability on their sleeves. Brene Brown says “staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection.” Everyone has so much beauty to give. For some it’s hidden deeper than others. However, once we are able to share our true selves, we can experience a deeper connection with life and with others, a connection that is rooted in our common humanity rather than our differences. 

Today is National Inner Beauty Day, how are you letting your inner beauty shine?

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