two people attending an in the dark event, wearing blindfolds.

An experiential program geared toward organizers, C-suite executives, senior administrators, and upper management, “Leadership In The Dark” is grounded in Ronald Heifetz’s Adaptive Leadership Framework, which offers a structured method for creating change in complex, dynamic environments and blends with Sara’s unique “Discovery In The Dark” methodology. Applicable to any sector, these tools allow participants to explore, better understand, and tackle leadership challenges within and in conversation with the evolving systems that influence us all.  

“Leadership In The Dark” connects expert facilitators with groups managing external or internal change, including restructuring, political and economic dynamics, or community transitions. Together, blindfolded, participants identify systemic challenges and consider design solutions that embrace authenticity and empower diverse voices—and they leave with a clear roadmap to systemically and sustainably address critical challenges.  
During the “Leadership In The Dark” workshop participants will be exposed to a snapshot of some theoretical concepts from the Adaptive Leadership Framework and will experientially apply them following exercises and real-life problem discussions. Participants will acquire practical frameworks to evaluate their organization’s system and be able to dissect and analyse the challenges in it. The main outcome of these sessions is for participants to adopt new conceptual tools to observe, adapt and intervene their organizational structure applying this innovative framework. The “Discovery In The Dark” methodology allows for the creation of a safe, trusting and holding environment for people to express more of their thoughts concerning an adaptive challenge. The combination of these two frameworks results in this unique, transformative experience where participants will be more transparent, able to connect more deeply, express their true voice, show their authentic selves and share their perspectives fully, amplifying the experience and taking it to the next level. 
This program can be delivered either as a two-hour workshop or as a series of workshops that will dig deeper, providing a more comprehensive set of frameworks to develop participant’s leadership mindset.

Learn to acknowledge, delay and reject unconscious biases


Improve communication and enhance problem solving by experiencing intentional listening and self-reflection


Incorporate greater understanding of the need and the value of inclusion and diversity by integrating marginalized voices


Adopt structured frameworks to create more inclusive social environments

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Yazane Alaily
Yazane Alaily is the CEO of Laceco Architects & Engineers, an international consultancy firm serving clients in the Levant and the Persian Gulf. He has a background in financial services, having worked at Merrill Lynch and Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking. Yazane has master’s degrees from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design and the Kennedy School of Government, where he developed a deep understanding of the Adaptive Leadership and Immunity to Change frameworks. 

Through his work with Laceco, Yazane practices adaptive leadership intensively, enabling him to transform it from a family-run to a performance-driven business. Yazane also advises local for-profit and non-profit organizations in implementing the adaptive leadership framework and building adaptive cultures.
Women speaking at an in the dark event, wearing blindfold

Man speaking at an in the dark event, wearing blindfold
Women speaking at an in the dark event, wearing blindfold
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Sara kicked off a one-week executive education program at the Harvard Kennedy School…[and] guided the 60 participants through a Discovery in The Dark experience, masterfully creating a safe and encouraging space for people to explore and discuss their conceptions of labels. In the program evaluations, participants noted this as one of the most powerful experiences of the week.

I was impressed with her ability to elicit participation that was honest, personal, and productive. Sara is an incredible facilitator and remarkably skilled at getting even the most reserved people in the room to openly reflect and share their own perspective and pre-conceived notions. Her sessions were invaluable in creating an open and safe environment that carried through the rest of the week.

– Laura Simolaris

Harvard Kennedy School

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