Sara Minkara holding microphone speaking for WGBH event
Always enthusiastic about promoting authentic inclusion everywhere, Sara is regularly profiled in the news, including print, television, podcasts, and more She also contributes original writing to a range of platforms

Harvard Kennedy School Announces 2020 Alumni Award Winners

Harvard Kennedy School Announces 2020 Alumni Award Winners, with Sara Minkara named their Global Emerging Leader

The Ford Foundation’s “Turning the tide, together: Disability inclusion at Ford” featuring Sara

Vital Voices: “100 Women Using Their Power to Empower”

Announces 2020 Alumni Award Winners

Op-Ed with Ambassador of the United States of America to Rwanda, Peter Vrooman, “Everyone Wins With Inclusive Employment”

Embrace it, it’s a strength

Medium Article with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP):

Forbes “30 Under 30” announcement honoring Sara Minkara

30 Under 30 – Social Entrepreneurs 2017

Sara Minkara being interviewed
Recent Coverage
The Podcast if the Sacred Inclusion Network

The Podcast if the Sacred Inclusion Network: The Sara Minkara Story

Don’t think of Sara Minkara as a blind person. Think of her as a person who is blind.

Own It All Podcast: “Own Your Unique Value”

“Own Your Unique Value,” available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and YouTube

The Coronavirus Crisis: An Unprecedented Opportunity to Advance Authentic Disability Inclusion in Our Sector and Beyond

WBGH Boston Talks Empowerment

HCMx Radio123, “Authentic Inclusion in the Workplace”

Earlier Coverage

Arab News: “Meet the Lebanese woman who lost her sight when she was 7, and now empowers the blind to see,”

Biber interview with Sara: “Appreciation Instead of Pity”

Women in Foreign Policy interview

Interview with Judith Heumann, former Special Advisor on Disability Rights for the US State Department under President Obama

Dangerous Visions podcast feature, “Celebrating 9 Lebanese Women that We Are Incredibly Proud of This Women’s Day”

Daily Star interview

imLebanon feature, حمادة تابع تمكين أصحاب الصعوبات ودمجهم اجتماعياً

Redefining inclusivity

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